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Hello from us at Your Time in Ireland Townhouse & Apartments

 – Galway City and Dublin City

Operating for many years in hosting international visitors into Galway and Dublin City, may we share our delight you may be here in Ireland sometime soon. In our recovery from the worst of the (unspeakable) Covid times, we can report that the Ireland is alive and well- alert, trending, creative, engaged, busy & active, and our creative arts and sports events rebuilding like mad.  Always honoring the rich tapestry of our history, heritage sites, sites of great antiquity, literature & discussion, beautiful natural scenery and many quiet, peaceful and undisturbed natural habitats we feel the past few years have us treasure even more the many simple things we have.

May we send a very special hello to many folks who’ve stayed with us over the past years – there is hardly a day we don’t think of this and how wonderful it was to have linked up with you in your time here. 

The great chats and engaging exchanges on world affairs always enjoyed!

We loved having you to stay and saw how much your time here meant to you. 

We say this also as an almost mini-farewell to our short-short-rental operations. Yes, it is the case that we no longer offer this type of fast-moving rental. Returning to that pace with the wonderful and positive return of many visitors already into Ireland with Covid receding has been an attractive option. But so too have other things come into our lives in these intervening few years which cause us to not be here as much as we’d like. Too unfair to expect that everything would run as if we were here to oversee, we’ve changed our operations now to the more manageable Longer Stay rentals, and for those of you who need, please don’t hesitate to enquire.

Our delightful Townhouse Apartments and Coach House in Galway City are located perfectly at a 5-minute stroll into the Town Centre and wonderfully quiet and private by evening time for a great night’s sleep. A fabulous fresh air walk of 5 minutes in the other direction brings you to Salthill and the long seaside promenades there, where you will also find the world and its mother out & about taking the fresh air, their daily swim or a round of golf along the open coastlines.

Our Dublin Apartment is equally perfect, in a wonderful location on Cork Street for doing Dublin City and positioned perfectly for those coming to work at any number of the universities and colleges in the City Centre areas. The bus route on Cork Street drops you at College Green and Trinity College within 5 to 10 minutes – just enough time to have a breather before starting into the day! Again, this gated Apartment Complex is private, lovely and quiet and very happy in its local community.

All of our unique and top quality homes-from-home come with powerful Wifi and Services installed, something we have always paid attention to outside the Covid-demand for dependable WFH workings. Trustability in these areas gives you better time to get out there and enjoy that deep refresh that being in Ireland will give you. Head off on fabulous long walks, runs, swims, and – of course! – enjoy some exceptional fresh seafood dinners, an excellent glass of delicious Guinness or two, and a small Jameson along the way…

And then! – there’s the array of interesting live Theatre Shows, live traditional Irish music sessions, wonderful sporting events, cool music events and festivals galore, choral and classical concerts, and unique outdoor market events, all this to mention but a few things to choose from! – all busy re-establishing themselves in the many venues. Really, we are very lucky to have all these events to offer the world – and they are all yours to enjoy when here.

Liz O’Byrne Mannion, Owner/Manager

Your Time in Ireland Specialist Rentals

Galway City and Dublin City

Rental Enquiries

We no longer offer Instant Bookings through the website, preferring to establish all needs of the Guest/s prior to releasing a block of dates.