Dear Guests,

Liz here, owner & manager of Your Time in Ireland Vacation Rentals, our small family-run short rentals business bringing you some very nice property options in Dublin City and Galway City. With a small personal history to tell you about, in that realising some years ago we had a wonderful large period house in a superb location on The Crescent, Galway City –crying out for better usage, we thought to deliver something we’d learned ourselves in years of living overseas: specialised self-catering apartments & houses that would be truly interesting homes-from-home and seriously bring you something more special than ‘clinical’ serviced apartments, or perfect but over-quiet boutique hotels where you can’t open the windows! We could do better than this for our special trips abroad, if only we had time to find the special places…

And so, we got to work on renovating, upgrading, painting and polishing our first short rental apartment in Galway City – the lovely upstairs Silver Teal Apartment at Devon Place on The Crescent. Dusters out, polish in, fresh linens on beds, fresh food in the fridge – we could see from Year 1 this was working really well. The apartment is spacious, fresh, warm & homely – all quite perfect.

The hard work paying off – soon we were 3 apartments in the now-called Main House, and all have turned out exactly in keeping with our wish – Lovely! for you.

A steady stream of reservations and many guests later allowed us develop forwards – improving more areas of the house, and then leading us to Dublin where we developed our special & excellent Cork Street Apartment. This our unique & only option in Dublin City Centre – located in The Liberties Quarter and again – perfect! where it’s so easy to whizz off from and return to after wonderful explorations of the important places in the city centre – Christ Church & St Patrick’s cathedral areas, the Guinness Storehouse, and the Dublin Castle complex on Dame Street. All this leading you to the Temple Bar quarter and Trinity College – these all being the main treasures you will so want to enjoy exploring and investigating when in Dublin City.  And all So accessible from our luxuriously comfortable Cork Street Apartment!

And all this time we were learning from you, – thank you.

Familiarity with your needs is key to us continually improving on what works best and what you most like to enjoy and find on arrival.  In Galway, we rebuilt the beautiful Coach House – a separate private town house just across from our lovely old period house there on The Crescent. In a contemporary take on the old horse stables and carriage-house that had stood since the 1840’s.  This added wonderfully to our ability to look after larger guest parties – some staying in the now-called Main House, and some staying in the Coach House – meeting up in the middle at the trestle table in the garden/carpark. Which brought us to a replete level – no more new options now, this is plenty to work away on to ensure everyone coming in has their unique experience of staying at one of our options. Many special touches to consider and update, interiors to refresh and re-arrange, and useful comforts to add in or rethink.

Everything in place now, we can concentrate on some finer things- fresh bed linen colour schemes, more sensible comfort details, improvements noted for this and that. All equipment, utilities and services regularly checked for repairs or upgrade – and wondering how we could work in Old Granny Bracken’s Guinness brownbread into the Welcome Basket. Without overdoing things, any special touches we can add that make Your Time in Ireland a most-special and memorable time here. Almost eight years in, we’re having a marvellous run – in full swing with our short rental operations. Old hands you could say! – and we realise every week it is the thrill of knowing we’ve done our best preparing for your arrival & stay, and then how lovely it is to say hello and welcome you in – it’s a great pleasure, :).